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Computer Repair

There are many different aspects of computer repair; hardware, software, components, and more. Let us diagnose your computer and then we can get your computer running like normal as soon as possible.

We serve Atlantic and the surrounding areas and we currently have over 150 clients both commercial and residential. Our clients are more than satisfied with the services we provide and are constantly referring their friends and family to us to take care of their computer problems.

It is amazing how different your computer will seem after a day in our shop, we run multiple tests on your system and make the necessary changes to get the computer running at its peak perfomance level.

Make your choice from the menu on the left for a more detailed description for the type of service you are looking for.

Hardware Repair
Hardware issues can cause a multitude of problems with your PC that can usually be fixed in a short amount of time; sometimes it may be the connection, the drivers may have got messed up, or maybe the
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Software Repair
Every once and a while the programs on your computer can get really messed up and cause many problems for the user, we can help. We analyze the situation and take the best steps to get your issue res
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Sometimes you can improve the performance of your computer by purchasing additional components such as RAM, a Video Card, a bigger Hard Drive, a CD/DVD Burner, and much much more.

We have yea
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Virus / Spyware Removal
We have removed over 25,000 viruses and at least 50,000 Spyware/Adware infections from computers we have worked on in just the last year alone.

Virus infections come in many different ways an
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