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High Speed Internet

Everyday more and more Internet users are switching over to High Speed Internet, you may be wondering what some of the benefits may be, or what options are available to us here in Atlantic. Please browse through the pages in the menu to the left to find information on the different types of access available to us.

We have provide links to the providers websites, as well as information about their pricing and connection speeds.

If you have any questions you may contact us at any time and we will be glad to help with anything we can.

What is Cable Internet?

Cable Internet uses a cable modem designed to operate over cable TV lines. Because the coaxial cable used by cable TV provides much higher bandwidth than telephone l
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What is DSL Internet?

DSL Internet uses a modem that utilizes the existing phone lines in your home or office. DSL travels through the wires in the phone line that are not currently being
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Why Make the Switch??
With all forms of High Speed Internet you can still make and receive phone calls on your existing phone line. Many Dial-Up internet users limit their usage of the internet because it takes up there p
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What is Wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet uses a receiver that is mounted outside of the home or office and the signal is converted so that the computer can send and receive data through
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