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A Little History

My name is Michael Kelly, I have lived in Atlantic, IA for most of my life. At the age of 16 I began having problems with my left eye, my retina detached multiple times during the summer. Four years and about 25 surgeries later I had my left eye removed and replaced with a donor eye and a prosthesis.

I strarted this business in the summer of 1997 under the name of Xtreme Graphic Design. I made a few websites for local business. In 2001 I took a break from the business to learn new ways I could improve my websites. During that time I also learned some PC programming languages, and when I was making a game on the game boy advace is when I came up with my new company name.

In May of 2003 the retina in my right eye detached... that was not a good day for me. However the next morning after the surgery I could see just fine, we caught the problem before it became to severe, and to this day the retina has stayed on like it should.

After I recovered from the surgery I quit my job and began working full time for myself, making websites and fixing computers. Things have been going pretty good so far, I can't complain.

Currently it is February of 2006, and I have acquired around 260 computer repair clients, and many website clients, I am in the process of developing 3 new websites at this time.

Enough about me, thanks for stopping by and we hope to do business with you soon.

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