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Virus / Spyware Removal

We have removed over 25,000 viruses and at least 50,000 Spyware/Adware infections from computers we have worked on in just the last year alone.

Virus infections come in many different ways and have a wide variety of effects on your computer. Some will cause your sytem to stop functioning properly, others will open a hole in your system so that hackers, or outsiders can get into your computer and do an infinite amount of things to your files and computer.

Spyware/Adware is becoming more of an epidemic for internet users than virus infection has ever been. Computers are infected daily just by visiting websites that choose to advertise by means of infecting your computer with software that not only generates unwanted pop-up ads but also monitors what you do on the internet to generate ads targeted to your web browsing habits. For example: if you have been looking at vacation websites the pop-up ads may be for travel websites in hopes that you will click on the advertisment they show you.

We have a process that we go through to wipe out every Virus/Spyware/Adware from your computer, you will receive a detailed invoice letting you know how many of each has been removed from your system. We will also educate you on some things you can do yourself to help prevent these infections from happening in the future.

To get your system cleaned up give us a call today and we will have your PC back to you in a day or two and it will run better than it has in quite a while.

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