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Software Repair

Every once and a while the programs on your computer can get really messed up and cause many problems for the user, we can help. We analyze the situation and take the best steps to get your issue resolved.

Sometimes your operating system (Windows) may need reinstalled; we take the extra care to ensure that your files and anything else that is important to you remains intact. We back up Addresses, Emails, Pictures, Documents, Music, and anything else you request. We will restore the files to the location they were at previously and then also give you a CD with all of your files as of the day of the install, you can keep that on hand in case anything really bad would happen and you would at least have those things backed up at least until that point in time.

If your computer is running slow it could be because you might have programs running in the background that you do not even know are running. Some programs run all of the time even when you do not need them to, this takes up your RAM and slows down your system. We can take a look at your computer and tell you what programs are not neccesary for your computer to function, turn them off and free up your systems resources, improving the performance of you computer.

Give us a call and we will evaluate your system and we can discuss the best way to get your computer running like it should.

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