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Hello | 3/22/2012 | Posted by: oneeye

If you need anything with your computer or website give me a call at 712.254.2180 .

 Thanks, Michael Kelly

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Welcome to Our Website | 1/23/2006 | Posted by: oneeye
One Eye Studios is a home-based business that has been serving the Atlantic area for many years. We provide expert computer repair service for over 250 residential and commercial custo...
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MSN Messenger® Attacks | 3/7/2005 | Posted by: oneeye
MSN Messenger® users be careful of accepting files from friends or anyone else, a nasty virus is going around and it is automatically spreading itself through MSN Messenger®. This virus disables nearly every Anti-Virus program out there as well as disables your system restore, and blocks you from...
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Please be Patient While We Change | 3/2/2005 | Posted by: oneeye
Please be patient over the next couple of days while we are adding the new content and features to our website. We feel that you will find the new site more informative and hope you visit often. Some of the features are not online yet, we will post a notification when everything is complete. ...
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AtlanticIowa.NET | 3/2/2005 | Posted by:
AtlanticIowa.NET is currently under construction! The mission of the AtlanticIowa.NET is to enhance the quality of life in the Town of Atlantic by working cooperatively with citizens, business leaders, civic organizations and town officials and in providing you the community a channel to express ...
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