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AtlanticIowa.NET is currently under construction!

The mission of the AtlanticIowa.NET is to enhance the quality of life in the Town of Atlantic by working cooperatively with citizens, business leaders, civic organizations and town officials and in providing you the community a channel to express your needs and priorities. We hope this site will act as a catalyst for action to improve and enhance the quality of life for those who live, work, or visit Atlantic.

To volunteer or make any comments or suggestions please click on the link below.

http://www.atlanticiowa.net" class = body>www.AtlanticIowa.NET

What I plan to put on this website:

  • News
    Update the website with information going on in the community, and/or world. This area could updated by one or two specific people, or we could also allow citizens of Atlantic and surrounding communities to submit articles that they have written, to be posted to the website.

  • Classified Ads
    I have developed a classified ad system that allows website users to post classified ads, edit their ads, and delete their ads they can even post a picture with their ads. Users could post ads of all types; for sale, wanted, services, babysitting, garage sales, and much more. I provide a simple user interface that allows for users with very little Internet knowledge to use this system. I will initially setup this section of the website to allow users to post ads at no charge and see how it goes from there.

  • Forums
    Basic forums system, similar to the discussion board used on the Atlantic News Telegraph website

  • Calendar of Events
    Calendar to list upcoming events in the community; town meetings, festivals, etc. I can setup the website so that members of the City Council, or other groups could post meeting times themselves, without having to contact anyone. I will also allow users to post events to the Calendar such as weddings, or garage sales.

  • Business Listing
    Provide a listing of businesses in Atlantic, and allow each of them the ability to alter or add to their business listing. Initially the listing can be alphabetical, then the business can come to the website and log in with the username and password provided by me, they can make any changes to their listing as needed. Also they can choose what categories they want their business to be listed under, thus building the categorical listing. Each business will also have the ability to build a one page website with a logo and picture and description of their business, described in detail below.

  • Business Web Page
    Businesses will have the ability to create a simple one page website that will provide website visitors with information the business feels necessary to draw customers to them. I will provide the business with a choice of a few templates for the web page, with different color schemes and layouts. Providing this as a FREE service to the businesses in order to generate traffic to the website.

  • Personal Web Page
    About the same as the business webpage, it just allows user with a personal status to setup a webpage for themselves, for whatever reason they desire, as long as it conforms to the Terms and Conditions.

  • Obituaries
    Provide local funeral homes with a user account so they can log onto the website and post obituaries for upcoming funerals.

  • Links Page
    Pages providing links to websites of that we feel are interesting, or relate to Atlantic. Like, www.atlanticiowa.com, just to show that there are no hard feelings. The page would provide links to all of the businesses in the directory that have a website. Also providing links to all of the personal and business pages created using the one page website on our system.

  • Community Polls
    Provide a place for community members to voice their opinion on upcoming decisions being made by city organizations like the CPC or the City Council. Whether the City would take the responses into consideration or not, at least all will be able to see how the people feel about a particular issue.

  • Town Meetings
    List upcoming town meetings and what is on the agenda if possible. We could also post the minutes from the meetings on the website.

  • Entertainment
    Add the current and upcoming movies playing at the theatre. I would make it possible for someone to post upcoming entertainment events such as a band playing at the Fireside on a Friday night.

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