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MSN Messenger® Attacks

Posted by: oneeye
Modified: 3/7/2005 8:51:22 PM

MSN Messenger® users be careful of accepting files from friends or anyone else, a nasty virus is going around and it is automatically spreading itself through MSN Messenger®.

This virus disables nearly every Anti-Virus program out there as well as disables your system restore, and blocks you from accessing many programs within Windows® that can be used to troubleshoot or to try to shut-down the virus in an attempt to get rid of it..

It is very sneaky, regenerating itself on every reboot; the infected files appear to not even exist as far as windows is concerned, making it very hard to remove. It even attempts to sneak files onto any CD you may burn that will cause the CD to infect any computer it is put into.

I looked for a quick solution on Google ( http://www.google.com ) with no luck, this must be very new because I was unable to find any information on it anywhere on the Internet.

So tell your family members to be watchful for what they accept over MSN Messenger®, even if it appears to come from someone they know and trust. The particular files I cleaned today came from a picture called “British National Party” and it created many more files on the computer that could re-infect the PC over and over again.

Be careful, and if you do get infected, if you already are, or know of someone who has been infected please give me a call and I can help get rid of this problem for you.

Mike Kelly
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