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Top 7 highly-recommended baseball games for computer (Part 1)

Baseball is a sport that is not so popular in many countries, so if you are passionate about it then it is difficult to have a chance to play it practically. Instead, you can play simulated games on the computer.

1. Diamond mind baseball

Diamond Mind is a computer-simulated baseball game that has been around for more than 20 years. Its sophisticated engine is used by ESPN and other means to simulate seasons and is considered by many to be the best game out there.

The way it works is, the user builds a baseball team using the players and tries to beat the other teams in a 12-team tournament in a simulated 162 match. It’s not easy to put Mickey Mantle in the center, Babe Ruth is on the right flank and puts Cy Young on the pitcher, as the money limit means you can only buy a few superstars for your team.

Diamond Mind is a computer-simulated baseball game

Diamond Mind is a computer-simulated baseball game that has been around for more than 20 years.

2. Simleague baseball

This game comes from What If Sports, run by Fox, is similar to Diamond Mind but has a few subtle differences. Players from 1885-2007 are used and you can manage your club through 162 matches in a 24 team tournament. There are private and public tournaments and also a feature that allows you to play games online.

3. Sim Dynasty

Sim Dynasty is better suited to running a franchise instead of just running a baseball team. The manager can take control of his team over the seasons, build a player system, and compete over a longer time. One team one season is free, so it’s a great way to test the system before entering a multi-season tournament.

Sim Dynasty has a vibrant online player community and its franchise potential is very attractive. The free start policy is a double-edged sword that is, yes, very cheap to try, but for those who want to stick with it, many eventually give up on their baseball teams after a poor start.

PC Sports Games

Top 10 best racing games to enjoy on PC in 2020 (Part 2)


Blur is a racing PC shooting game released in 2010 and is considered to be close to the Burnout series. The cars in the game are taken from the real world, the Blur racing game will hit hard on the elements of adventure, delight viewers, and outperform all the other racers on the road.

However, Blur has one feature that is often used by racers: items. In Blur in addition to racing, you can also aim at other racers and make this the most special feature in the racing game genre.

Along with more than 30 racing locations around the world. What makes these places stand out the most is their flexible weather systems, affecting so many tracks that you never expect.

Burnout Paradise

The game is set in Paradise City and has been released for a long time, making most of the new generation computers now able to play this game smoothly. With the same features as the previous games, players can find the thrill of performing the races in the game Burnout Paradise.

The game is set in Paradise City and has been released for a long time

Paradise City is filled with events to keep you entertained, along with game modes like Cops and Robbers that will show you how big the world of Burnout Paradise is.

F1 racing game 2018

The F1 series is programmed by Codemasters for this latest release. With each released version, this game is more and more perfect. Therefore, F1 2018 is considered to be one of the best racing games for PC. This is a close copy of the Formula 1 World Championship in 2018, F1 2018 has 21 races, 10 teams, 20 riders participating in the 2018 season.

With the sparkling elegance of F1 cars, including the McLaren M23, as well as the in-game enhancement system that will force you to make options for racing upgrades and it will take effect for the entire season solution.

PC Sports Games

Top 10 best racing games to enjoy on PC in 2020 (Part 1)

Most racing games played on PC prove that computers and laptops are the best gaming devices for this series, as well as provide the most realistic experience – and here will be the Top 10 Best PC racing games of 2020 that you should play now.

Playground Games’ newest racing game takes its place as the British Isles island. Forza’s level of play is considered to last 10 hours, as you’ll race across the Scottish Highlands, the coast around the Lake District, and through British villages.

When the seasons in the game change from Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, the landscape in the game is also changed. You have to try to get used to the track in each season, you will feel the most dramatic change when racing on wet, snowy roads that require you to be as clever as possible to win. is ranked highest.

DiRT Rally 2.0

Codemasters is one of the leading racing game development companies around the world and DiRT Rally 2.0 is the clearest proof. As the sequel to this popular PC racing game series, DiRT Rally 2.0 features more than 50 dedicated racing cars across different terrains, and various countries for you to burn your engine. including New Zealand, Poland, Australia, and Argentina.

Along with some improvements make the effects and control of your vehicle more realistic. DiRT Rally 2.0 is not only a casual racing game, but it is the perfect game for extreme racers.

Because this is the official title of the FIA ​​World Rallycross Championship, DiRT Rally 2.0 will take place at the legendary races in Holjes and Barcelona.

Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Motorsport 7 is a simulation racing game made for PC. The game development team has improved many of the features in the game to provide the best racing experience for players who love this series.

Forza Motorsport 7 is a racing simulation game made for PC

With over 700 vehicles and many options to help change the appearance of the vehicle, Forza Motorsport 7 is arguably the PC racing game with the most impressive number of cars on this list.

PC Sports Games

3 games that basketball lovers should not ignore

Basketball games are one of the most interested in sports games. Basketball was now no stranger to many people in the world. If you love basketball and have a passion for playing games related to this sport, try the following 7 games below have moments of entertainment and relaxation.

The peak of the basketball game line on PC probably must mention the NBA – the monument in the 2K sports games. Speaking of the NBA, any player who loves basketball will know.

Besides, the NBA also updates the real basketball player situation, so that players can choose, change, and control and adjust their tactics each match. From there, making decisions like buying, selling to own a perfect basketball team.

In general, it is not necessary to say too much about the NBA, you do enough to know how good this basketball game is.

Real Basketball

Real Basketball is a popular title for basketball game lovers. In this basketball game, you have up to 6 interesting game policies that allow you to show off your basketball skills. You can also play online with people all over the world and find money to own something in the game.

Real Basketball is a popular title for basketball game lovers

You can also freely choose among hundreds of thousands of different characters, basketball types, uniforms… You can always unlock different achievements to gain access to extras.


In this game, build your team, beat your opponents in 5 vs 5 levels, and connect with the NBA in daily live events. In NBA LIVE, we can upgrade your squad, increase the ranks, and build your team with past and present superstars.

In the game, there are packages purchased with coins to unlock especially important players and take the team to new heights. This is the most realistic basketball game that you should experience.

Jam City Basketball

Jam City Basketball is a mobile game that simulates the basketball sport extremely well. For those who love basketball, this will be a game that you cannot ignore.

The gameplay is completely familiar with reality. Coming to the game, you will have the opportunity to show off your pitching ability by refining and controlling the players, leading your team to participate in the top tournaments in America. An intuitive gameplay system with unique graphics mixed with the cheers of followers will stimulate you to play.

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Explore the best PC strategy games in the world in history

PC games have the longest history, solid foundations, and diverse genres. So you cannot miss the list of the best PC strategy games in the world in history that the best online games want to introduce right below.

The PC system in the past is still praised as the master-race because it has the largest number of game genres in any system – but the biggest highlight of the PC system is probably in the genre. A strategy game that few systems have. Let’s go to these best PC games.

Sid Meier’s Civilization

Sid Meier’s Civilization is a legendary strategy game series and has become an example for many other titles to follow. Civilization V is the best version of the franchise – and not only is the game very deep and highly transformative, but it’s also beginner-friendly.

Age of Empires II

Even the kings of the RTS genre like Starcraft 2 and Deserts of Kharak still cannot reach perfection considering the elements of exploitation, construction, and development like Age of Kings.

The size of the map, the number of troops, and the directions of development all belong to a different class. It’s a pity if you haven’t played this best online game right now.

Crusader Kings II

While most other strategy games revolved around the management of resources and make war, entitled gaming world’s best Crusader Kings II is about much more than that. The player can also interfere with deeper factors such as marriage, relationships, assassination…

Endless Legend

Endless Legend has many similarities with Civilization – however, the game itself still has fresh ideas to create its own identity. The highlight of the game lies in the interface and story-heavy novel with a cast of characters full of personality.

Company of Heroes

For many, the RTS genre has been dead since 2006 – when Company of Heroes was born. It has created such a perfect formula that any RTS game that follows will look fuzzy. The game replaced the old house-building mouse-click gameplay with tactical intentions – focusing more on manipulating the battlefield instead of measuring APM accuracy and speed.

Total War Shogun 2

Field Total War has always been the pillar of strength of the platform strategy game on PC. Shogun 2 is the most condensed and interesting version of Total War, comes with the extravagant Fall of the Samurai expansion and cool graphics despite 2016 standards.


Above are of the best PC strategy games in the world in history. If you are a fan of this genre of game, try these great game titles on your PC!

PC Sports Games

Players are hardly disappointed with these attractive sports games

Here are the sports games that we highly recommend you to play on PC. Let’s check them out in the article below!

Desert Golfing

Developer: Captain Games

Release date: December 2017

Minimalist golf game Desert Golfing has achieved great success on mobile and has just launched on Steam. This is a seemingly simple game, but it is not easy at all, creating extremely tough gameplay with only a few basic geometric components.

More specifically, it’s impossible to return, so every wasted hit stays there forever. Previously, this game was only available on the Windows Store.


Developer: Jan Willem Nijman

Release Date: November 2012

Initially, this was a bonus game for those who supported the SportsFriends game project on Kickstarter. Tennes is a simple tennis game with flexible rules. For example, the game does not prohibit you from jumping over the net and playing on the opponent’s field. If you like SportsFriends, you’ll love Tennes.

Rocket League

Developer: Psyonix

Release date: July 2015

How to play Rocket League is also simple like football, but the player is replaced by rocket cars. The special thing about the game is the strange physics system the ball moves slowly as if it is spinning slowly, causing many humorous and inhibiting situations for the player.


Developer: De Gute Fabrik

Release date: December 2014

SportsFriends is a set of offline multiplayer games with a sports theme

SportsFriends is a set of offline multiplayer games with a sports theme. Hokra is a minimalistic and fast-paced ice hockey game, BariBariBall combines Super Smash Bros with volleyball, Super Pole Riders is a weird pole jump game. One thing they all have in common is that they are both extremely fun to play with a group of friends.

Bloodbowl 2

Developer: Cyanide Release

Release Date: September 2015

The board game Blood Bowl is a game from a long time ago, but still, in existence today proves it has a mysterious charm. It is one of the most both inhibitory and entertaining games.

Everything requires you to shake the dice, which means sometimes players will die distractedly just because they… run too fast. The video version of Blood Bowl does quite well, but the specialty of this game still lies in its famous unique rules.


Above are the great games that sports game lovers should try at least once. Have fun!

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Discover the top 9 most-played PC games in 2020 (Part 1)

The game industry is growing all over the world. Everyone loves good games and they certainly have a large audience. As with the development of the Internet, you can play games everywhere with other people. In this article, I will share the Top 9 most-played games in 2020.


Warzone is not the first time that this series has participated in a battle royale, but Call of Duty: Warzone is the game that is considered quite good and attracts the most players.

Call of Duty: Warzone is the game that attracts the most shooters lovers

Previously, Activision added battle royale mode to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which will be a successful part if you don’t have to spend an extra $ 60 to buy this title. Warzone is not only the best battle royal game right now, it’s also free and has cross-platform support.

PUBG Mobile

The PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds requires you to purchase a game on Steam to play it, but if you want to immediately experience this multiplayer survival shooter for free then give PUBG Mobile a try.

It also has the same mechanism as the PC version and supports the same controller on the PC if you play on Tencent’s emulator so you can aim, loot, drive, take down all of your opponents. me. If you play on the phone and feel tired of your hands, you can use the autopilot feature, and support the voice chat feature with the team for a new experience.

League of Legends

With the top number of players, streamers, and spectators in the world, League of Legends is the hottest online game today (not only in Vietnam but also worldwide). Since the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre was released in 2009, there was no strong breakthrough until League of Legends was born.

There are a lot of champions available in the game right now, and you can buy them through the currency system in the game called the Quintessence of Blue that you earn through each match. Riot also regularly brings innovations to players when regularly updating new game modes.

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The best sports games to play on PC nowadays (Part 2)

Motorsport Manager

Developer: Playsport Games

Release date: November 2016

Another sport with a management game model, Motorsport Manager is about half strategy, the other half about racing cars. Between races you will have time to improve and upgrade your car, then make tactical decisions such as which tires to use, when to stop, you can do anything without having to personally drive your racing car.

Sensible World of Soccer

Developer: Sensible Software

Release Date: January 1996

By minimizing the game to the essentials, SWOS focuses on the precision of passes. GOG only hosted Sensible World of Soccer 96/97, so you could only play in the days of David Seaman and Ian Wright.

Super Arcade Football

Developer: Out of the Bit

Release date: Early Access

Super Arcade Football is built based on the top-down perspective of Sensible Soccer but has more modern features, the most impressive is the slow-motion shots that break all the laws of physics. Unlike SWOS, you can play Super Arcade Football online, which makes playing with other players much easier.

Unlike SWOS, you can play Super Arcade Football online


Developer: Bennett Foddy

Release Date: November 2008

In certain ways, QWOP is a… non-sport game. Most sports games focus on using simple, convenient control mechanisms for the player to easily control their athletes. In contrast, QWOP uses an extremely complicated control system to complicate the 110m hurdles run, making the game incredibly inhibitory and funny.

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Developer: Spike Chunsoft

Release date: Early Access

Is wrestling a sport? According to Vince McMahon (WWE boss), it is an ‘entertainment sport’, so it is temporarily accepted to be on this list.

Unlike the bad official WWE games, Fire Pro Wrestling World is more of a performance-oriented game, encouraging players to compete with full satisfaction rather than just focusing on winning. That, plus the character creation system on Steam Workshop, makes Fire Pro Wrestling a standout game from other wrestling games.


Developer: Roll7

Release date: July 2014

Link: Steam

OlliOlli’s success lies in knowing how to take the fun of ancient skateboarding games like Tony Hawk and bring them into two-dimensional space. The simple horizontal viewing angle of OlliOlli makes it easier to get used to the slide location while simultaneously performing stunning tricks.

Offline PC Games

Top 6 best offline survival games for PC in 2020 (Part 2)

3. Ark: Survival Evolved

With Ark: Survival Evolved you will be dropped into an extremely large environment full of dinosaurs, you will have to face the temperature, hunger, dehydration, and surrounding enemies. As one of the

survival games that will give you the most authentic feeling, right at the beginning of the game you will have nothing on you, after the process and fight and pick (gather) to make Create tools, weapons, and build whole houses and even ride dinosaurs.

With a beautiful 3D graphics platform and an endless open world with hundreds of different dinosaurs, you will have an exciting adventure in the primitive world.

4. Game DayZ

The movie about Zombie is no stranger to us anymore because this is a good game genre for PC to re-enact Zombie, the game of Survival Dayz was born. The game is set in the zombie epidemic and to survive, players must fight.

The game can be played both online and offline

With the danger coming from bloodthirsty zombies everywhere and the sound of horror, horror gives players the most authentic feelings. The game can be played both online and offline on your gaming computer.

5. Game Subnautica

This offline PC game takes place in the context of an astronaut falling on a planet surrounded by the sea, with a starting point of only a few small things, players must withstand all dangers that are always lurking. Players build bases, and, above all, survive with it.

6. Game The Forest

If you love horror games, you cannot ignore The Forest game. Join the game you will play the character of a plane crash in a wilderness forest.

Your task is to find a way to survive by cutting trees for timber, building shelters, looking for food; maintain fire to keep warm… Along with that, there will also be many dangers lurking that require players to be alert and respond quickly.


Above are some games for Survival Offline or old, lightweight desktop computers. There are also many other great games for pc you should also refer to such as Terraria, Hurtworld, This War of Mine, H1Z1: Just Survive, Minecraft, Rust…

PC Games

Top 6 best offline survival games for PC in 2020 (Part 1)

Survival game is one of the popular and popular game series today, the game attracts players with dramatic gameplay that requires elite and thinking. And even more interesting when they are survival games Offline for PC, you will not need to care about the quality of the network.

Instead of introducing to everyone the best free offline games for PC 2018. Here are the top 6 hottest offline survival games with the largest number of players today. You can download games even if you own a computer.

1. The Long Dark

Have you ever dreamed of setting foot in the Korean Pole, covered with white snow, a bright aurora-colored night sky – place at night and during the day nearly a month-long, or wild nature covered in white color – where only you, alone you blend with nature? The view is great, isn’t it?

But if no conditions to carry out expeditions that can only be seen on TV, movies, or newspapers, then try to “travel” with The Long Dark – a adventure survival game from Hinterland Studios have Probably not a bad idea.

This attractive PC game attracts players by the cel-shaded unique graphic style that is rarely seen in the Survival Offline game genre. You will play the character trapped in the cold wilderness after a mysterious global disaster. No Zombies, no mutants, and no other players but you. Only you fight against nature, wildlife in fragile human clothing.

2. Game Don’t Starve

As a work of art for the survival game series, Don’t Starve brings a new feature to everyone as well as other experiences through gameplay. The game revolves around the main character fighting off the harshness of nature when living alone in the wilderness. Players have to do everything from finding materials to crafting items, fighting against wild wolves, and building houses.

With cute graphics and unique gameplay Don’t Starve gives players a sense of comfort and joy.