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6 factors that guarantee the gaming PC is good enough to serve players (Part 2)

4. Storage device

The capacity of the game online or game configuration is up to several GB or more. If you are using a normal computer, just download a few games to be able to use up all the memory.

So the new PC gaming memory has to be very high for comfortable use. Ideally, the minimum size should be over 200 GB. There are many types of hard drives available, but the most popular are as follows.

PC gaming memory has to be very high for comfortable use

HDD is a hard drive with a good price, high capacity. But its read/write speed may not be as good as other drives.

SSD is the type of drive for superior read/write speed, much more impressive, but the price is quite high. With the need to buy a large drive for gaming, it will cost you a lot of money. But if you can invest, this is the best and most reasonable choice.

M.2 Drive is of PCIe drive type, which has fast speed and does not take up space inside the PC. However, most gamers choose SSD memory for their PC

5. RAM – Caching of PC gaming

When introducing a computer, RAM is information that is usually listed just after the processor information. A computer can usually install more than 1 stick of RAM.

With PC gaming, the speed of RAM must be very fast, then the experience will be smooth. You need to select the product with BUS RAM (BUS Speed) parameter – the higher the data transmission channel speed is possible.

6. PC gaming case

The last element seems simple, but not easy to choose at all. We often choose a case that is beautiful, cool, personality, personal preference.

But another important thing is that a gaming PC case needs to be made of good materials, durable, and heat dissipation. By doing that, the internal parts will have a solid “shelter”, not affected by the external environment.

PC gaming case is important to have a great gaming experience

To build a standard gaming PC, the right demand, and at a reasonable price range is not easy. Invest and choose wisely, carefully!