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Top PS3 games that still attract gamers nowadays (Part 1)

Not all gaming enthusiasts have enough money to run the latest equipment to fight the game. As for me, this is only a deadly PS3 but with these great games. Knowing enjoy and enjoy what you have also feel happy for a lifetime.


Journey is a blockbuster game that made the storm when Journey was released in 2012 on the PS3.

The content of Journey tells the story of following a cloaked person wandering through the desert, heading towards a mountain in the distance, focusing on the magical and small feeling. However, this journey is not so simple, players will have to solve extremely difficult puzzles on the trip to overcome many different dangers and challenges to complete the journey.

In addition, one thing that makes Journey more worth playing is that on the long journey, the player can interact with other players, but the interaction is limited to a simple musical bell, which is the key. lock through leveling up.

The unique blend of mysterious art style and stunning 3D graphics has made Journey a blockbuster game for a while on the PS3. You should not miss this blockbuster if you have not played it, you should play right away, the Covid time at home is a better opportunity to enjoy this masterpiece.

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is the game industry’s most popular and successful superhero game, not only because of its mature gameplay, polished graphics and sound and intense storyline, Rocksteady also shows the His enthusiasm with hidden secrets is integrated and hidden throughout the game extremely attractive.

Must admire and admit that the title game Batman: Arkham City is “perfect superhero game” and really did not say too much at all. As above with a great story revolving around many villains like Hugo Strange, Ra’s al Ghul weighs more on “psychological methods of fighting” than fighting with arms and legs and weapons.

Excellent graphics, gameplay and complete combat, Old Gotham now turned into Arkham City is a map just big enough to “bounce off the roof”, with the boss screen extremely magnificent, sound in the game extremely impressive with heroic tunes. All of which helps Arkham City stand at No. 1 of the best Batman games.


The history of industrial revolutions of the world (Part 2)

The second industrial revolution

The second industrial revolution began in the late 19th century and lasted until the early 20th century. One of the remarkable features in the great industry is the mass production line – the principle of application of FWTaylor management (proposed in 1909, put into practice in 1913 – pioneer Ford).

Scientists have made great inventions on new production tools: computers, automatic machines and automatic machine systems, robots, automatic control systems. The inventors of this period also researched and created new materials such as polymers with high strength and heat resistance, widely used in life, and in industries.

During this time, new and endless sources of energy such as atomic energy, solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, etc. were also found to replace the old ones.

Magical advances in transportation and communications such as giant supersonic aircraft, high-speed trains and other means of communication, radio broadcasting via artificial satellite systems, Magic achievements in the field of space conquest such as successfully launching the first artificial satellite of the earth, flying into space and setting foot on the moon are the achievements in the history of the Industrial Revolution. these two.

In addition, the green revolution in agriculture has made great progress in mechanization, irrigation, breeding methods, and pest control… helping many countries to overcome food shortage and hunger. prolonged.

The third industrial revolution

The third industrial revolution took place in the 1970s with the introduction of automated manufacturing based on computers, electronics and the Internet, creating a connected world.

The Third Industrial Revolution took place when advances in electronic infrastructure, computers and digitalization were triggered by the development of semiconductors, supercomputers (1960s), and computers. personal (1970s and 1980s) and the Internet (1990s).

By the end of the 20th century, this process was basically accomplished thanks to high-tech scientific achievements. Satellites, airplanes, computers, phones, Internet … are the technologies we now benefit from this revolution.

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The history of industrial revolutions of the world (Part 1)

Talking about the industrial revolution is about the great change that it brings about in economic, cultural, and social fields.

Looking back at history, people have experienced many great scientific and technological revolutions. Each revolution is characterized by a change in the nature of production and this change is caused by the breakthroughs of science and technology.

Let’s look back at the history of industrial revolutions in the world!

The first industrial revolution

The world’s first industrial revolution began in England in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, starting with the mechanization of the textile industry. At that time, the textile factories had to be located near the river to take advantage of the running water, which caused inconvenience in many aspects.

In 1784, James Watt, an experimental assistant at a university, invented the steam engine. Thanks to this invention, the textile factory can be placed anywhere. This invention is considered to be the beginning of the mechanization process. In 1785, Father Edmund Cartwright produced an important invention in the textile industry, the loom. This machine has increased weaving productivity up to 40 times.

During this period, the metallurgical industry also made great strides. In 1784, Henry Cort found a way to practice “puddling” iron. Although the method of Henry Cort has refined the quality of iron, it still does not meet the requirements of the durability of the machine. In 1885, Henry Bessemer invented a blast furnace capable of smelting liquid iron into steel, overcoming the disadvantages of the previous machine.

The advance of the transportation industry was marked by the introduction of the first steam locomotive in 1804. By 1829, the train speed had reached 14 mph. This success has exploded rail systems in Europe and the US. In 1807, Robert Fulton built a steamboat to replace oars or sails.

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What’s New on PUBG PC? (part 2)

Both versions of PUBG have become very successful on both mobile and computer platforms in 2017, PUBG has caused the phenomenon of survival games that many other games currently eat in the Battle Royal style of PUBG, and there are also survival games that also have their own characteristics, such as Fortnite, Rules Of Survival, etc.

In both PUBG Mobile and PC versions, players will feel that the Mobile version has a lot of similarities to the PC version and not much has changed. However, there are still clear differences that not all gamers realize. The following article will show you the obvious differences between the two versions of PUBG PC and Mobile that not everyone knows.

PUBG Mobile has a Free to Play model. This is definitely the biggest difference when comparing PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile, with PUBG Mobile you can completely download it for free on mobile devices. The game allows you to own all that you expect in a F2P game.

The things that PUBG Mobile will give you in the game are daily attendance rewards, experience, free supply chests, upgrades, quest rewards. Most missions in PUBG Mobile require players to take down a number of enemies or perform other actions and tasks in the game, from which you gain experience and use the activity points to get the reward.

Specifically, when reaching the prescribed operating point, it will receive a maximum of 5 free crates per day. As for experience points, it will help you to upgrade the player’s account, unlock you new avatars, one point that PUBG Mobile is like the PC version is the BP point (battle point) used to open. crates, starting at 700BP and increasing slowly for additional crests opened each week.

Some gamers are uncomfortable compared to the F2P model, but the purchase will not affect the game much, in addition to the PC version now has more n

PC Sports Games

Best PC Sports Games (part 1)

There will be many people who question the top sports games worth playing, the following article will list the names worthy of being in the list of top sports games worth playing.

It is strange that sports games were born, so many people wonder why you have to play football game when you can go to the grass to play football yourself? Why sit around playing boxing games when you can stand in the middle of a ring and challenge other opponents?

It’s very simple, sometimes these games are a recreational vehicle for professional athletes, sometimes a place for some people to fulfill their burning dreams about sports because they do not have enough. health conditions to be able to realize their dreams, sometimes meet the interests of sports enthusiasts to control their favorite athletes personally. So for all the people like them, which are the top sports games worth playing?

Project Cars 2: Good game for high configuration machines

Project Cars 2 is a sequel to the game of the same name first released by Bandai Namco in 2015. There are 170 cars from brands on that game. Moreover, it will alsohave the long list of VR support.

Owning the most beautiful and advanced graphic background today, it is not surprising that Project Cars 2 requires a “chat” configuration. If you want to experience it, you will definitely have to buy yourself a quality rig.

FIFA 18: The hottest football game in the world today

In recent years, FIFA game is the most popular football game in the world. With many improvements from image to play, especially retaining the brand monopoly of the great football organizations, FIFA has always attracted the attention of many football fans. In this 2018 version, the appearance on Nintendo Switch is also a special factor that makes FIFA 18 a hot, prominent and more interested game than other competitors.

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What’s New on PUBG PC? (part 1)

PUBG developer leaks Team Deathmatch mode combining PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite versions. In addition, the Karakin map has been updated recently with a higher loot rate. With this change, PUBG Corp is making this map more bloody than previous battles.

PUBG developers have been conservative over the years of development. While PUBG Mobile is trying to bring many new game modes such as Zombie Mode, Team Deathmatch Mode, Rage Gear Mode, Load Mode, etc. PUBG seems to completely ignore this whole game mode and only focus on the Battle Royale mode itself. Players can still play with many different Game Modes in Custom Match but custom has no selective system, making finding games for players quite inconvenient.

However, maybe PUBG Dev has changed its mind about the new game modes and someone has revealed a panel that may be available in the future, including Team Deathmatch Mode.

There will be some minor differences, players will have a system to choose weapons and accessories instead of having to go to pick as 2 versions Mobile and Lite. Players will revive at a random location with their teammates. In addition, players in TDM mode will have an HP gauge, it will automatically recover when you are not shot and kill enemies. Your TDM score will be increased. This TDM mode will have 2 teams and have 8 players in 1 team.

PUBG Corp has increased the rate of gun appearances on the Karakin map to make players more aggressive when fighting. Don’t forget the Karakin map is the smallest map in PUBG with a size of 2×2. Therefore, battles will occur very soon. Many players commented that they didn’t even have time to react to the shot after parachuting.

Moreover, many players have sent feedback to the development team that the gun occurrence rate is very low. They could not find weapons as well as ammunition and equipment when taking down parachutes.

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PlayStation 5 from SONY: What Can We Expect?

PlayStation 5, Sony’s next gaming device model, remains a mystery. However, with the new website for it being actively built by Sony, fans of this series are even more eager.

According to some statements on the new PlayStation 5 (PS5) homepage, Sony says the PlayStation 5 is coming with a general release date of … in 2020. They have begun to share some incredible features. which we can expect from PS5. However, SONY is still not quite ready to reveal all about PS5. Fans can sign up to receive email updates on the PS5 release date, pricing and list of games available upon launch through this site. Here’s what gamers expect from PlayStation 5.

The PS4 is still a hot game console and the graphics of the games on this device are still very nice, running quite smoothly. So it would be a big question if there was no “nicer game version” on the PS5. Dualshock 5 sounds like a real concern when it comes to enhanced adaptive interaction and haptic feedback. If developers make the most of the technology, it can really help PS5 to attract more players. Gamers hopes the sequel to PlayStation-specific titles like “God of War,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man” and “Horizon Zero Dawn” will continue to launch and exclusively on the PS5 platform.

Many gamers want to play old titles like “Metal Gear Solid” from the original PlayStation and old “Persona” games from PS2 on the new console (PS5). Therefore, they expect PS5 to be more powerful and compatible with old titles besides releasing new exclusive titles.

One major hardware upgrade that PS5 is aiming for is speed. In particular, equipped with SSD helps this console store better and load content faster. Adding an SSD will be one of the most valuable hardware improvements. The addition of an SSD will help improve the installation speed from the physical installer and the loading process of the game to play. It usually takes a few minutes to load the game, which will discourage many gamers.


Epic Games Store Makes PC Game Sales Decline

According to NPD analyst Mat Piscatell, the launch of Epic Games Store will affect sales of PC game distribution platforms including Steam.

Many people think that competition will create a healthy consumption market. However, according to Mat Piscatella, although distribution platforms such as Steam and Epic Games Store are trying to attract gamers to their side with attractive promotions. This is quite good because when the two big companies compete with each other, the beneficiaries will still be gamers. However, according to the recent reports that NPD received, these two big guys did only make gamers leave.

According to the information that the reports sent to NPD and ESA, in 2019 all software industry has revenue increased by 2%. Nevertheless, the game sales segment showed signs of decrease compared to the previous year.

Why is that? That’s largely because the PC game market is experiencing an underground wave called Epic Game Store. PC is a stable market, increasing steadily every year under the guidance and unification of Steam. Although in the past there were many other game distributors like Uplay, GOG or Origin. However, there is no place that feels as user-friendly as the Steam system, even for game developers, the marketing of Steam makes them very satisfied.

Epic’s appearance with the profit-sharing policy is extremely beneficial for developers and distributors if they will release an exclusive game on Epic that changes all that. Perhaps Epic Games thinks this will create a healthy competitive market by breaking Steam’s unique position in the PC gaming market. From there, the two companies under competitive pressure will develop together to better serve the gamers.

It doesn’t seem like everything Epic Games Store has calculated. Instead of breaking the monopoly of Steam to create a competitive market, Epic broke the stability of the PC gaming market. This led many gamers instead of buying games on PCs to switch to buying games on consoles, which made the game industry’s revenue drop significantly. The reason behind this is because Epic has monopolized quite a few blockbuster games on PC like: Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus, The Outer Worlds, etc. Actually, buying these games on Epic is not difficult, but world gamers feel dislike that they have to switch between two or three programs to play only one game (Steam and Epic). It is not to mention the wave of boycott of Epic is still very exciting in the PC gaming community.

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Top 2020 Best Offline PC Games with Low Profile

You do not have the conditions to own a PC set of crisis to fight the current top games like R2D or Gta 5? Which games should be suitable for your low profile office PC?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Gta 5 is the version for users many interesting experiences from excellent gameplay to graphics. But the plot of that version is still incomparable with the version that was released in 2004.

GTA San‘s graphics, compared to the time of launch, are also among the best in the game world. But after more than 15 years, the configuration above is not an obstacle for most gamers. This is always the top offline game for low profile PC. If you are an early gamer and still don’t understand the story, this is a good time for you.

Half Life 2
This is a name that is probably not too strange with the gaming community. This game was developed by Valve Corporation and released in 2004. This first-person game at the beginning was somewhat difficult due to countless fuss in licensing.

But after all, HL2 has grown to become the king and the foundation for countless shooting games later. Like GTA San, this is also a good offline game for low-profile PCs with not too high configuration requirements compared to the majority of PCs today.

Don’t Starve
This best indie game in 2013 has become an indispensable game for enthusiasts to survive. Released in a mysterious land and without any instructions. Don’t Starve makes you feel free to explore. With extremely vivid 2D graphics and countless challenges enough to fascinate the most demanding gamers. If you are passionate about survival games, do not ignore Don’t Starve!

Wake up and are floating at sea with a hook and a piece of raft starting. Your task is to find a way to survive and build with rubbish that is drifted across the sea. In addition to expanding rafts, processing food, making furniture for survival, Raft still has a separate story for players to explore. So what’s the truth behind the story of the main character? Why is he alone? Discover the game on your own to get the most accurate solution.

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  1. Pikachu

This classic game on this computer must be played by each of us. Pikachu’s gameplay is also very simple, you just need to focus on looking out for the same pikachu to connect them. If Pikachu is clean, you will be the winner.

2.Gold Miner Game

Gold mining is also a very simple game. Your task is to help the old man pull up lots of Gold in the shortest amount of time. This game requires fast, standard and tactical action.

3. Lines 98

This is a popular game for the population. The task is simply to arrange 5 balls of the same color on the horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines to get points.

4. Game Caro Chess

With just the letter X or O, Chess Caro is an intellectual game associated with us from sitting on the school chair. The gameplay is simple, the two sides just need to check the boxes to form horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows so that all 5 cells are the same.

5. Shoot Dinosaur eggs

This game also needs precision and agility like gold mining. You have to align it so that the ball hits the above colors to get the highest score.

6. Big fish swallow small fish

Your start is a little fish, go eat smaller fish to turn into a giant in the ocean. However, you also have to be careful because “higher mountains have higher mountains”, there will be bigger fish ready to lurking to destroy you.

7. Shoot the chicken

Chicken shooting game was born approximately 20 years. Over many versions, this game still has great attraction to all our generations. In the game, you will play the spacecraft and go shoot the “chickens” flying in the sky.

8. Reverse diamond

Simple, easy to understand, suitable for all ages. Diamond games can consume your hours for being addicted to it.

9. Bom IT (Download Boom Land for iPhone)

Your task is to set time bombs to destroy opponents in the map. Eliminate opponents, you will enter a new screen.

10. Spider Solitaire

Computer card games are also titles that most office people have played through. You just need to arrange your decks by color and order to finish the game.