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Looking back at top 5 best PES game versions on PC up to now (Part 1)

Throughout 22 years of development, this is the top 5 PES versions that are considered the best since its inception.

5. PES 9

PES 9 can be considered as a good version. Final PES release for the Console PS2 platform. After the success of PES 6, it was not until PES 9 that Konami regained the position of an attractive football game against rival Fifa because PES 8 could be considered a failure of the famous publisher.

PES 9 is also the first version in which Konami has built a reputation for copyright issues. That is that Konami has “snatched” the copyright to use the image of the prestigious UEFA Champion League tournament in his football game. This is considered a glorious victory over EA’s rival Fifa, which is famous for owning the copyrights of tournaments, football teams…

PES 9 is still is a game worth playing at that time on any platform. The old PS2 generation, despite being released for a long time, can still fully experience the quintessence that PES 9 brings.

The good graphics at that time and quality gameplay made PES 9 beat Fifa 09, which was not much different from the 2008 version before. Especially for PS2 gamers at that time, PES 9 is simply a choice not to be missed and a bold mark until now.

4. PES 11

PES 9 marks the final version for the PS2 machine, although the following versions are still available on this machine, in general, apart from the status update and player transfer, the gameplay, and graphics there is no difference.

PES 10 ushered in a new era for Konami’s soccer game line when the publisher focused primarily on the Next-gen Console platform at the time, PS3. However, it was not until PES 11 version that gamers who own PS3 machines will feel satisfied when playing PES.

The improvement in the quality of graphics, changing the gameplay mechanics made PES 11 become the game that was the master of the PS3 machine room at that time. The player’s movement is more realistic, smoother, not “stiff” as in previous versions of the touch of the ball becomes more subtle than the excellent highlights of the PES 11 version. “Magic” has become a trademark of PES 11.