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6 reasons why gamers should choose PC gaming instead of PS5

If you wonder whether you should choose PS5 over PC gaming, here are some reasons you may refer to.

Using your PC is very tempting

When building your PC, you have to choose the exact parts you like the case, motherboard, graphics card, processor, RAM, and memory. At the same time, make sure these parts work in harmony with each other.


Steam is a platform where you can view, select, buy, and run your games, better than any other Xbox One and PS store. For example, Steam’s downsizing strategy is superior. During the offseason, you can get games at very soft prices compared to buying in other stores.

Mouse and keyboard

The mouse and keyboard bring more options to the player, it helps to improve the player’s response speed and accuracy. Anyway, smooth surfing, the mechanical keyboard is still the “enchanting” thing that most gamers are fascinated with.

You have more options for changing the mouse and keyboard than a PS5 handheld. You can even use the controller on your PC if you like.

The number of gamers on PC is more numerous than that of PS5

In fact, with a larger number of gamers on PC than on consoles, you can find popular games easily on PC. There are even popular games like PUBG that came out a year before on PC compared to consoles.

You can download mods on your PC

Some tech-savvy gamers have created mods for PC games, made them have better graphics, or added new content. This is completely impossible on the PS5, it can only bring a good gaming experience but cannot add new or discover anything else.

Price and value

To buy a PC to meet your needs, it even costs more than the PS5. But in terms of usability, PC is not only used for gaming but you can work, especially in the era of technology 4.0, any profession also works on computers. While the PS5 is still just a gaming machine nothing more and no less.

In short, if your budget is limited, you should choose a PC instead of spending money on the upcoming PS5.


How will the future of PC Gaming be affected by PS5? (Part 2)

The appearance of the PS4 and Xbox One has not destroyed the previous generation game consoles.

It is not natural that many of Nvidia’s RTX series are suddenly outdated with all GTX 10-series hardware. Instead, there is a steady progression toward more complex and demanding games, driven by both PC and Console.

The appearance of the PS4 and Xbox One has not destroyed the previous generation game consoles

The information that Sony announced PS5 has stirred the gaming community, the keyword “PS5” becomes hotter than ever. But wait that everyone dreams of beating the box on their hands with the PS5, let’s see 7 reasons why gamers should choose PC instead of spending money on the upcoming PS5 to understand more.

It basically means continuous improvement

Sony revealed the PS5 hardware to let us know what Sony is bringing in 18 months or so. Nvidia has been developing more for over nine months now with its RTX cards, and we still only have a handful of games that use the technology.

But just as the PS3 and PS4 coexisted for a year or two of actively supported support, the arrival of the PS5 next year won’t mean the immediate end of the PS4 / PS4 Pro. That means there’s still hope for an add-on you don’t get on older Consoles. Like we are seeing in on PC right now.

If you want to look into the future of consoles, all you have to do is look at what has happened to PC games over the years.

PS5 will partly affect the future of PC gaming

Large SSD at an affordable price to replace the slow hard drive

The esoteric designs like the PS3’s Cell processor have been scrapped, replaced with the x86 CPU, and the Xbox One’s exciting 32 MB DDR3 + ESRAM design has been upgraded to Xbox One X’s 12GB GDDR5. Instead of becoming more and more specialized, console hardware was becoming more and more generic.

That is inevitable. It doesn’t just take resources to make hardware faster and better. Technology trends move toward best implementations, and PCs have repeatedly proven themselves to be the best place for hardware companies to experiment. In the end, gamers all benefit.


How will the future of PC Gaming be affected by PS5? (Part 1)

Competition is an inevitable part of life. With the appearance of PS5, PC Gaming will definitely have to race fiercely. In the end, the ones who benefit the most are the players. The current generation of gaming consoles are helping PC gaming “spring back”, and will the next generation PlayStation 5 help PC gaming to thrive?

Developers and publishers are interested in selling as many copies as possible, which means they’re targeting the mid-range PC market. And with consoles that have been around for five years or more, a lot of games have to be ‘in the water’ to ensure those generations of consoles can still run them. Or for some reason.

How many PC gamers are actually using modern hardware platforms? Based on survey hardware Steam can provide the fastest insight into general PC gaming hardware.

Based on a Steam survey, about half of current Steam computers have graphics cards that are either stronger or better than the GPU in PS4 at the age of five and 35% of Steam’s GPU is equal to or faster than the PS4 Pro. Additionally, 40% of the computers surveyed were running CPUs that clocked below 3GHz and 82% were either 2-core or 4-core processors.

In other words, if the consoles are not intended to play PC games, they are only part of the equation. Older and slower PCs are partly to blame, too, because they at least two-thirds of people have bought a new machine, with increasingly complex configurations. The good news is that the “mid-range PC” is also getting faster.

13 percent of all surveyed Steam PCs had a GPU that didn’t match the PS4 Pro’s, but obviously faster than it. By the time the PS5 came out, more than a quarter of gaming PCs were able to deliver similar performance. So what does PS5 really mean for PC gaming?

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6 factors that guarantee the gaming PC is good enough to serve players (Part 2)

4. Storage device

The capacity of the game online or game configuration is up to several GB or more. If you are using a normal computer, just download a few games to be able to use up all the memory.

So the new PC gaming memory has to be very high for comfortable use. Ideally, the minimum size should be over 200 GB. There are many types of hard drives available, but the most popular are as follows.

PC gaming memory has to be very high for comfortable use

HDD is a hard drive with a good price, high capacity. But its read/write speed may not be as good as other drives.

SSD is the type of drive for superior read/write speed, much more impressive, but the price is quite high. With the need to buy a large drive for gaming, it will cost you a lot of money. But if you can invest, this is the best and most reasonable choice.

M.2 Drive is of PCIe drive type, which has fast speed and does not take up space inside the PC. However, most gamers choose SSD memory for their PC

5. RAM – Caching of PC gaming

When introducing a computer, RAM is information that is usually listed just after the processor information. A computer can usually install more than 1 stick of RAM.

With PC gaming, the speed of RAM must be very fast, then the experience will be smooth. You need to select the product with BUS RAM (BUS Speed) parameter – the higher the data transmission channel speed is possible.

6. PC gaming case

The last element seems simple, but not easy to choose at all. We often choose a case that is beautiful, cool, personality, personal preference.

But another important thing is that a gaming PC case needs to be made of good materials, durable, and heat dissipation. By doing that, the internal parts will have a solid “shelter”, not affected by the external environment.

PC gaming case is important to have a great gaming experience

To build a standard gaming PC, the right demand, and at a reasonable price range is not easy. Invest and choose wisely, carefully!

PC Sports Games

5 highly-recommended sports games to play on PC

Sports have always been a fertile part of the PC gaming industry with a large fan base around the world. But for many gamers, we have little access to sports games outside of football and because of that, we easily ignore other legendary sports games.

Here is a list of 5 new sports games that are highly-recommended nowadays.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

Golf game based on the name of the famous Irish golfer Rory Mcllroy – who won four championships at the age of 25. Compared with other golf games on the market, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour has many different features such as a backswing bar, simulated flight path, the interaction of the ball with the environment.

Another great point of the game is the hitting courses. Professional golf is licensed and integrated into the game (can be purchased in expansion packs). Rory Mcllroy has been rated as one of the hottest sports entertainment games in 2017 by Fun88 sports commentators.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

Although there are many mixed reviews, in fact, this is still the best skateboarding game for PC. In addition to the new features of the game, the HD graphics have been greatly improved. Players must complete many missions to unlock different skills. The more tricks you use, the higher your score will be.

NHL 09

The graphics with nearly 10 years old seem a bit old, but this doesn’t change the fact that this is the best ice hockey game you can find. Fun gameplay and smooth controls, NHL 09 attracts players in both single and multiplayer modes with technical levels ranging from easy to advanced.

Virtua Tennis 3

This is definitely the top tennis game for the PC system. The game is a combination of arcade and emulator that makes the game suitable for all players’ needs, from ‘play for fun’ to ‘serious’.

You can customize your character with a wide range of branded accessories. The graphics of the game are so carefully crafted that you can see the individuality of each professional player.

World of Fishing

The fishing game has always been a quite special type of game compared to other sports games; However, for fans of this patient subject, World of Fishing is the best game they can find.

The game is a mix of emulator and MMO with hundreds of tools, skills, and fishing locations for you to explore. The game has more than 450 types of fish and a daily mission system, ensuring you will be attracted to the world of Fishing.

PC Sports Games

Looking back at the top 5 best PES game versions on PC up to now (Part 3)

PES is chosen by many gamers as the leading electronic soccer game in the world.

Until now, many players still put on the table comparing PES 16 with PES 17 and wondered why Konami could not continue the successful value of last year’s version to this year’s version and regretted that.


PES 6 has always been a legend for every PES gamer. A transformative version, one that was considered to be perfect, especially at a time where the technology was limited as at the time that Konami was able to launch a soccer game that was considered as the standard for other sports games to look up, especially with products from rival EA PES 6 has created a huge gap with its old rival.

Until now, many gamers still refer to PES 6 as a monument to the soccer game series from Konami, even many players continue to stick with this version, despite the limitations and Lags behind in terms of graphics compared to the current versions.

It is not wrong to say that PES 6 is the game that creates a revolution, a turning point in the coverage of Konami’s soccer game series to the world. But above all else, PEfS 6 has received great affection and recognition from the community, which are the most important values, something that not many games can do.


Above are the top 5 best PES game versions on PC up to now. As can be seen, PES and FIFA are both giants in the football game for PC / CONSOLE. So these 2 games are always put on the scale by gamers. The reason is also that both games have completely different looks and gameplay. And you? You will choose PES or FIFA. And if you choose PES, which is the most favorite game version for you?


The best sports games to play on PC nowadays (Part 1)

Sports games come in many genres and sizes. Football Manager and Rocket League are almost nothing alike, but it’s undeniably both sports games.

For the convenience of readers, this list is divided into four main categories: Sports Simulation Games – games that show realistic sports, Sports Management games, Arcade Sports – games that describe real sports with additional variations, and Fantasy Sports games – games that describe sports are completely… fiction.

Obviously, there are games of this type and that of the other, even Rocket League relies a little on football, but hopefully, this classification will help you distinguish QWOP-style games from games like FIFA.

Sports Simulation Game

FIFA 2018

Developer: EA Sports

Release date: September 2017

If you want to play online then FIFA is the choice for you with a large and healthy community, making sure you always find matches easily.

PES 2018

Developer: Konami

Release date: 92017

While FIFA is suitable for those who like to play storylines or play online with other players, PES is the preferred choice of many people when they want to play offline with others, or when they want to play PES’s signature Master League mode.

These two games also have a little difference in gameplay, PES is more inclined to a long pass and pokes slots, making the game faster and more intense.

Sports Management Game

Football Manager 2018

Developer: Sports Interactive

Release date: November 2017

Football Manager has a huge scale. The game has always maintained its record of being one of the most popular games on Steam, the game’s scouting system is on par with real clubs and there was even an incident where a player was wrongly summoned to the national team because of the Football Manager. It’s an incredibly fun game, which gets even more exciting when they add a smoother version of Football Manager Touch.

Out of the Park Baseball 18

Developer: Out of the Park Developments

Release date: March 2017

Curiously, few sports other than football have a Football Manager-style management game, but baseball is understandable as it is a metric-heavy sport. Out of the Park, Baseball doesn’t seem like much has changed after all these years, but this game is still a great way to satisfy your passion for baseball.

PC Sports Games

Looking back at top 5 best PES game versions on PC up to now (Part 2)

3. PES 13

After the successful version of PES 11, PES 12 marked the slowdown of the soccer game from Konami. Not many changes, not many improvements make PES 12 become lagging behind itself before looking at Fifa 12 – one of the versions considered to revolutionize EA’s football game line.

When FIFA went windy both in graphics and gameplay, PES 12 failed to fulfill its mission. Until the PES version 13, the PES version is still considered “immortal” on the PS3 system when PES 17 launched last year, there are still many gamers who have volunteered to be loyal to PES 13 on PS3.

But that’s enough to justify the appeal of this version. Improved graphics, more realistic gameplay, more magical and beautiful ways to play the ball, hit the slot, and score goals make gamers “tired” with PES 13.

Until now, there are Many patches created by players for PES 13 with updates of stats, graphics, gameplay proving the vitality of this game even though it has been released for nearly 5 years.

2. PES 16

PES 14 is a missed leap, even a painful fall. A series of gamers removed PES 14 mercilessly after only a few days of experience.

The failure of PES 14 is undeniable, leading to serious consequences for Konami as it took the operator 2 years to rebuild confidence in the game.

The version PES 15’s momentum did not attract much attention before officially returning to PES 16, the product once again brought Konami back to the top, beating FIFA 16 to become the most attractive football game of the year.  

PES 16 gives gamers a comprehensive improved gameplay with a beautiful graphics platform, especially on the Console Next-gen platform. There are not too many “multifaceted variations” in this version, all features are very real, making players really feel excited about the soccer game from Konami.

PC Sports Games

Looking back at top 5 best PES game versions on PC up to now (Part 1)

Throughout 22 years of development, this is the top 5 PES versions that are considered the best since its inception.

5. PES 9

PES 9 can be considered as a good version. Final PES release for the Console PS2 platform. After the success of PES 6, it was not until PES 9 that Konami regained the position of an attractive football game against rival Fifa because PES 8 could be considered a failure of the famous publisher.

PES 9 is also the first version in which Konami has built a reputation for copyright issues. That is that Konami has “snatched” the copyright to use the image of the prestigious UEFA Champion League tournament in his football game. This is considered a glorious victory over EA’s rival Fifa, which is famous for owning the copyrights of tournaments, football teams…

PES 9 is still is a game worth playing at that time on any platform. The old PS2 generation, despite being released for a long time, can still fully experience the quintessence that PES 9 brings.

The good graphics at that time and quality gameplay made PES 9 beat Fifa 09, which was not much different from the 2008 version before. Especially for PS2 gamers at that time, PES 9 is simply a choice not to be missed and a bold mark until now.

4. PES 11

PES 9 marks the final version for the PS2 machine, although the following versions are still available on this machine, in general, apart from the status update and player transfer, the gameplay, and graphics there is no difference.

PES 10 ushered in a new era for Konami’s soccer game line when the publisher focused primarily on the Next-gen Console platform at the time, PS3. However, it was not until PES 11 version that gamers who own PS3 machines will feel satisfied when playing PES.

The improvement in the quality of graphics, changing the gameplay mechanics made PES 11 become the game that was the master of the PS3 machine room at that time. The player’s movement is more realistic, smoother, not “stiff” as in previous versions of the touch of the ball becomes more subtle than the excellent highlights of the PES 11 version. “Magic” has become a trademark of PES 11.

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6 factors to know if PC gaming is good enough to serve players (Part 1)

Having a genuine, powerful gaming PC is every gamer’s dream. No matter what game plowing, professional or amateur. To get a powerful PC gaming, we have to carefully select all the components inside. Here are 6 factors that guarantee the gaming PC is good enough to serve players.

1. CPU – Microprocessor

With every computer, laptop, the CPU chip is the brain, which is the most important part despite its very small size. With gaming computers, it is clear that the chip needs to choose a new type, with more power, in the high-end type. You can refer to some CPU specialized to serve gaming needs like AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, Intel Core i7-8700K, Intel Core i9-7900X…

A CPU should be able to run many platform of PC Game.

2. Motherboard – Mainboard

The mainboard or motherboard is a large circuit board for mounting different components and parts. As a bridge between wires, circuits, components, etc. The motherboard must meet enough position to plug components.

First, you must see if the number of RAM slots on the board matches the amount of RAM you intend to install and is not compatible. If there is a need to plug other peripherals into the computer (including future needs). The motherboard must have a place to service these devices.

3. Graphics card of PC gaming

Graphics card, video card, or VGA is a must-have with any computer if you need to play games or do graphics. When building a PC gaming, we need to find a graphics card specializing in gaming instead of generic ones, there will be better support.

With the VGA of a gaming machine, we must pay much attention to the cooling system. When plowing games, especially when plowing for a long time, they will create a not small temperature, need to be cooled quickly to ensure the safety and longevity of the machine.