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Top 7 highly-recommended baseball games for computer (Part 1)

Baseball is a sport that is not so popular in many countries, so if you are passionate about it then it is difficult to have a chance to play it practically. Instead, you can play simulated games on the computer.

1. Diamond mind baseball

Diamond Mind is a computer-simulated baseball game that has been around for more than 20 years. Its sophisticated engine is used by ESPN and other means to simulate seasons and is considered by many to be the best game out there.

The way it works is, the user builds a baseball team using the players and tries to beat the other teams in a 12-team tournament in a simulated 162 match. It’s not easy to put Mickey Mantle in the center, Babe Ruth is on the right flank and puts Cy Young on the pitcher, as the money limit means you can only buy a few superstars for your team.

Diamond Mind is a computer-simulated baseball game

Diamond Mind is a computer-simulated baseball game that has been around for more than 20 years.

2. Simleague baseball

This game comes from What If Sports, run by Fox, is similar to Diamond Mind but has a few subtle differences. Players from 1885-2007 are used and you can manage your club through 162 matches in a 24 team tournament. There are private and public tournaments and also a feature that allows you to play games online.

3. Sim Dynasty

Sim Dynasty is better suited to running a franchise instead of just running a baseball team. The manager can take control of his team over the seasons, build a player system, and compete over a longer time. One team one season is free, so it’s a great way to test the system before entering a multi-season tournament.

Sim Dynasty has a vibrant online player community and its franchise potential is very attractive. The free start policy is a double-edged sword that is, yes, very cheap to try, but for those who want to stick with it, many eventually give up on their baseball teams after a poor start.


The best sports games to play on PC nowadays (Part 1)

Sports games come in many genres and sizes. Football Manager and Rocket League are almost nothing alike, but it’s undeniably both sports games.

For the convenience of readers, this list is divided into four main categories: Sports Simulation Games Рgames that show realistic sports, Sports Management games, Arcade Sports Рgames that describe real sports with additional variations, and Fantasy Sports games Рgames that describe sports are completely… fiction.

Obviously, there are games of this type and that of the other, even Rocket League relies a little on football, but hopefully, this classification will help you distinguish QWOP-style games from games like FIFA.

Sports Simulation Game

FIFA 2018

Developer: EA Sports

Release date: September 2017

If you want to play online then FIFA is the choice for you with a large and healthy community, making sure you always find matches easily.

PES 2018

Developer: Konami

Release date: 92017

While FIFA is suitable for those who like to play storylines or play online with other players, PES is the preferred choice of many people when they want to play offline with others, or when they want to play PES’s signature Master League mode.

These two games also have a little difference in gameplay, PES is more inclined to a long pass and pokes slots, making the game faster and more intense.

Sports Management Game

Football Manager 2018

Developer: Sports Interactive

Release date: November 2017

Football Manager has a huge scale. The game has always maintained its record of being one of the most popular games on Steam, the game’s scouting system is on par with real clubs and there was even an incident where a player was wrongly summoned to the national team because of the Football Manager. It’s an incredibly fun game, which gets even more exciting when they add a smoother version of Football Manager Touch.

Out of the Park Baseball 18

Developer: Out of the Park Developments

Release date: March 2017

Curiously, few sports other than football have a Football Manager-style management game, but baseball is understandable as it is a metric-heavy sport. Out of the Park, Baseball doesn’t seem like much has changed after all these years, but this game is still a great way to satisfy your passion for baseball.