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Top PS3 games that still attract gamers nowadays (Part 1)

Not all gaming enthusiasts have enough money to run the latest equipment to fight the game. As for me, this is only a deadly PS3 but with these great games. Knowing enjoy and enjoy what you have also feel happy for a lifetime.


Journey is a blockbuster game that made the storm when Journey was released in 2012 on the PS3.

The content of Journey tells the story of following a cloaked person wandering through the desert, heading towards a mountain in the distance, focusing on the magical and small feeling. However, this journey is not so simple, players will have to solve extremely difficult puzzles on the trip to overcome many different dangers and challenges to complete the journey.

In addition, one thing that makes Journey more worth playing is that on the long journey, the player can interact with other players, but the interaction is limited to a simple musical bell, which is the key. lock through leveling up.

The unique blend of mysterious art style and stunning 3D graphics has made Journey a blockbuster game for a while on the PS3. You should not miss this blockbuster if you have not played it, you should play right away, the Covid time at home is a better opportunity to enjoy this masterpiece.

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is the game industry’s most popular and successful superhero game, not only because of its mature gameplay, polished graphics and sound and intense storyline, Rocksteady also shows the His enthusiasm with hidden secrets is integrated and hidden throughout the game extremely attractive.

Must admire and admit that the title game Batman: Arkham City is “perfect superhero game” and really did not say too much at all. As above with a great story revolving around many villains like Hugo Strange, Ra’s al Ghul weighs more on “psychological methods of fighting” than fighting with arms and legs and weapons.

Excellent graphics, gameplay and complete combat, Old Gotham now turned into Arkham City is a map just big enough to “bounce off the roof”, with the boss screen extremely magnificent, sound in the game extremely impressive with heroic tunes. All of which helps Arkham City stand at No. 1 of the best Batman games.