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Top 10 best racing games to enjoy on PC in 2020 (Part 2)


Blur is a racing PC shooting game released in 2010 and is considered to be close to the Burnout series. The cars in the game are taken from the real world, the Blur racing game will hit hard on the elements of adventure, delight viewers, and outperform all the other racers on the road.

However, Blur has one feature that is often used by racers: items. In Blur in addition to racing, you can also aim at other racers and make this the most special feature in the racing game genre.

Along with more than 30 racing locations around the world. What makes these places stand out the most is their flexible weather systems, affecting so many tracks that you never expect.

Burnout Paradise

The game is set in Paradise City and has been released for a long time, making most of the new generation computers now able to play this game smoothly. With the same features as the previous games, players can find the thrill of performing the races in the game Burnout Paradise.

The game is set in Paradise City and has been released for a long time

Paradise City is filled with events to keep you entertained, along with game modes like Cops and Robbers that will show you how big the world of Burnout Paradise is.

F1 racing game 2018

The F1 series is programmed by Codemasters for this latest release. With each released version, this game is more and more perfect. Therefore, F1 2018 is considered to be one of the best racing games for PC. This is a close copy of the Formula 1 World Championship in 2018, F1 2018 has 21 races, 10 teams, 20 riders participating in the 2018 season.

With the sparkling elegance of F1 cars, including the McLaren M23, as well as the in-game enhancement system that will force you to make options for racing upgrades and it will take effect for the entire season solution.