Epic Games Store Makes PC Game Sales Decline

According to NPD analyst Mat Piscatell, the launch of Epic Games Store will affect sales of PC game distribution platforms including Steam.

Many people think that competition will create a healthy consumption market. However, according to Mat Piscatella, although distribution platforms such as Steam and Epic Games Store are trying to attract gamers to their side with attractive promotions. This is quite good because when the two big companies compete with each other, the beneficiaries will still be gamers. However, according to the recent reports that NPD received, these two big guys did only make gamers leave.

According to the information that the reports sent to NPD and ESA, in 2019 all software industry has revenue increased by 2%. Nevertheless, the game sales segment showed signs of decrease compared to the previous year.

Why is that? That’s largely because the PC game market is experiencing an underground wave called Epic Game Store. PC is a stable market, increasing steadily every year under the guidance and unification of Steam. Although in the past there were many other game distributors like Uplay, GOG or Origin. However, there is no place that feels as user-friendly as the Steam system, even for game developers, the marketing of Steam makes them very satisfied.

Epic’s appearance with the profit-sharing policy is extremely beneficial for developers and distributors if they will release an exclusive game on Epic that changes all that. Perhaps Epic Games thinks this will create a healthy competitive market by breaking Steam’s unique position in the PC gaming market. From there, the two companies under competitive pressure will develop together to better serve the gamers.

It doesn’t seem like everything Epic Games Store has calculated. Instead of breaking the monopoly of Steam to create a competitive market, Epic broke the stability of the PC gaming market. This led many gamers instead of buying games on PCs to switch to buying games on consoles, which made the game industry’s revenue drop significantly. The reason behind this is because Epic has monopolized quite a few blockbuster games on PC like: Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus, The Outer Worlds, etc. Actually, buying these games on Epic is not difficult, but world gamers feel dislike that they have to switch between two or three programs to play only one game (Steam and Epic). It is not to mention the wave of boycott of Epic is still very exciting in the PC gaming community.