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What’s New on PUBG PC? (part 2)

Both versions of PUBG have become very successful on both mobile and computer platforms in 2017, PUBG has caused the phenomenon of survival games that many other games currently eat in the Battle Royal style of PUBG, and there are also survival games that also have their own characteristics, such as Fortnite, Rules Of Survival, etc.

In both PUBG Mobile and PC versions, players will feel that the Mobile version has a lot of similarities to the PC version and not much has changed. However, there are still clear differences that not all gamers realize. The following article will show you the obvious differences between the two versions of PUBG PC and Mobile that not everyone knows.

PUBG Mobile has a Free to Play model. This is definitely the biggest difference when comparing PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile, with PUBG Mobile you can completely download it for free on mobile devices. The game allows you to own all that you expect in a F2P game.

The things that PUBG Mobile will give you in the game are daily attendance rewards, experience, free supply chests, upgrades, quest rewards. Most missions in PUBG Mobile require players to take down a number of enemies or perform other actions and tasks in the game, from which you gain experience and use the activity points to get the reward.

Specifically, when reaching the prescribed operating point, it will receive a maximum of 5 free crates per day. As for experience points, it will help you to upgrade the player’s account, unlock you new avatars, one point that PUBG Mobile is like the PC version is the BP point (battle point) used to open. crates, starting at 700BP and increasing slowly for additional crests opened each week.

Some gamers are uncomfortable compared to the F2P model, but the purchase will not affect the game much, in addition to the PC version now has more n