Game history

The most interesting facts in gaming history that not everyone knows (Part 3)

Some Pokemon used to be human

As mentioned above, anything in the Pokemon world can be Pokemon, including humans. You might be thinking that developers run out of ideas and use people, but that’s not the case.

Nearly every generation has a few Pokemon that used to be human, a truly creepy detail that no one wants to be turned into monsters.

The earliest human-born Pokemon are Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam, but it won’t be until 3rd generation Pokemon. In Pokemon Emerald, Kadabra’s description in Pokedex states that it was rumored to be a boy with supernatural powers.

If that’s true, then at least Abra and Alakazam would have been human beings, even the boy’s family. A brother with similar powers may turn into Abra; while father and mother turn into Alakazam.

No one knows what happened, a terrible accident, or the fathers and mothers intentionally turned their children into monsters? Either way, they were trapped in the Pokemon form, having to live in Pokeball balls and fight to survive.

EJB Menu – Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat (or Black Dragon) is a series of games that is no stranger to a large number of gamers around the world, and thought that familiarity will make any secret no matter how dangerous it is.

But recently, a gamer uploaded to the internet an uncovered detailed clip that was in the arcade version of Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3, although these games are nearly 20 years old.

EJB Menu – Mortal Kombat

Specifically, through a series of buttons in a row on the Mortal Kombat standby screen, players can make a special menu appear called “EJB Menu”.

Many fans quickly recognized EJB as the first 3 letters of the name Ed J Boon – the father of the Mortal Kombat game series, hinting that it was he who put this detail in the game.

The connection between Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight

A year after its release, the secret room in Batman: Arkham Asylum was revealed, but it took three people searching to find Arkham City.

The search began when a mysterious YouTube account posted a video giving Calendar Man special time hints. By setting the time On December 13, 2004, the player can tap Calendar Man and hear him speak references to how to find Arkham City.

Game history

The most interesting facts in gaming history that not everyone knows (Part 2)

Mario wouldn’t have made his debut without a surprise event

As we all know, Donkey Kong was originally Mario’s game, as well as helping to bring the plumber to the world. But this name wouldn’t have appeared, had it not been for an unexpected incident. If Popeye was allowed to come out earlier, we wouldn’t have Super Mario.

At that time, the Nintendo production team received an order from the company’s chairman Hiroshi Yamauchi, to increase sales as quickly as possible. At that time, Shigeru Miyamoto chose a game related to Popeye.

But just before the release, Nintendo suddenly cut the license to use the image of this character. Shigeru Miyamoto quickly came up with a solution, replacing Popeye with a different character, and that’s when the plumber. Mario was born as Jumpman.

Donkey Kong then took the place of the fat guy Bluto while Olive Oyl became Pauline. Although Shigeru Miyamoto later released a game about Popeye, it was considered a disaster from the perspective of many experts.

Throughout its history of development, the world gaming industry has witnessed many interesting, thrilling and equally fascinating phenomena.

Mario has more jobs than just a plumber

For many years, Mario has been remembered as a professional plumber. But then, that changed in 2017. In a few posts on Nintendo’s website, it was revealed that Mario’s dirty sewer days are behind, and now this guy There are many opportunities to experience completely different jobs.

Forget the plumber, now Mario is a freelancer

Shigeru Miyamoto in a statement to USA Today revealed that Mario’s job was never fixed. In Mario Boss, he and Luigi are plumber because the setting is set underground. But in Donkey Kong, in a construction site, he is a carpenter. In Mario vs Donkey Kong, our protagonist is making toys, or even a chef in Yoshi’s Cookie and referee at Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

Game history

The most interesting facts in gaming history that not everyone knows (Part 1)

Throughout its history of development, the world gaming industry has witnessed many interesting, thrilling, and equally fascinating phenomena.

StarCraft is the first PC game to be released in the universe

Nasa astronaut Daniel T. Barry brought his favorite game disc, the first version of “StarCraft”, during a mission to the international space station on May 27, 1999.

Since then, this “StarCraft” CD has circled Earth 153 times, traveled more than 3.5 million nautical miles (nearly 6.5 million KM), and is now located at Blizzard headquarters at Irvine, California.

StarCraft is the first PC game to be released in the universe

The value of litigation brand Grand Theft Auto is more than 1 billion USD

Most of the lawsuits against “Grand Theft Auto” involve the lawyer Jack Thompson, a famous person who hates the series and resolves to destroy “cause of violence” to children.

One of the biggest lawsuits was Thompson, asking for a $ 246 million fine on “Grand Theft Auto III”, PlayStation 2 and Wal-Mart, for inspiring two teen teenagers to imitate violence in PC games. Of course these frivolous lawsuits are abolished and justice belongs to “GTA”.

Pokémon game is inspired by butterflies

Tajiri Satoshi, the creator of the famous “Pokémon” series, came up with the idea for the game based on his experience as a kid catching caterpillars and watching them evolve into butterflies.

Reaper’s screams in Mass Effect 3 are the sound of opening-closing the trash

Game sound designers often use all kinds of bizarre objects to produce the sound effects they are looking for. In it, Reaper’s screams are made by repeatedly opening and closing the lid of a metal trash can.

Reaper’s screams in Mass Effect 3 are the sound of opening-closing the trash

A bug in “World of Warcraft” provided real-world pandemic research

In September 2005, the virtual world “World of Warcraft” saw a fatal bug in which players could spread a kind of irreversible blood drain effect. The players quickly realized that they could spread this plague to other players and even regular NPCs.

This has caused the same catastrophic pandemic effect as waiting for reality, with some players trying to cure the infected character, and some trying to spread the “deadly” disease to a large extent.

Finally, Blizzard had to perform a server reboot to end the disaster. This event subsequently inspired several studies of human response in the context of the epidemic.

Game history

The development of game industry in the world (Part 2)

In 2009, several cloud services announced that they will serve to play video games. These services allow in-game image editing on your server and the images will be delivered to the player via an Internet connection.

The Online service allows users to connect to its servers where in-game processing tasks are performed instead of the user’s computer.

The development of social games

The development of social game genres in recent times is also very noticeable. The search, advertising and service activities are more or less tied to different game forms.

Facebook is currently the largest social network in the world with hundreds of millions of people registered to join and it is the perfect environment for social games to spread in the community.

However, the downside of this genre game is that the graphics background is low quality and not very impressive. Therefore, despite having a large market space, in the near future, social games will not be a big threat to traditional gaming methods.

1990s – CD and PlayStation

In the 1990s, a new generation of consoles that really changed the gaming industry began to spark. The CD was first marketed in the late 80s but it wasn’t until the early 90s that it was optimized to have a larger capacity.

Therefore, it could contain more data and be suitable for storing big game products, besides using in the entertainment industry like movies and music. The first company to see an extremely open future with CD-based products is none other than Sony.

2000s – MMO

As PCs became more and more powerful with the development of hardware, people thought of a type of game that could link gamers remotely without being offline.

The concept of MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) – Online multiplayer, started from the seemingly simple questions. In fact, the MMO concept dates back to 1978 when an adventurous product in the form of a word puzzle called MUD – Multi User Dungeon created by Richard Bartle, was born.

The advent of MMO has brought a great transformation to the gaming industry. A series of online games were born with impressive record arenas.

The future era – Virtual reality

Within the framework of the screen, everything has begun to mature. People want something more than that. To experience truly, be transformed into a character in the game. And virtual reality games have foundations. In the future, we can fully believe in a gaming industry that dominates the same world associated with the real world of humans.