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3 games that basketball lovers should not ignore

Basketball games are one of the most interested in sports games. Basketball was now no stranger to many people in the world. If you love basketball and have a passion for playing games related to this sport, try the following 7 games below have moments of entertainment and relaxation.

The peak of the basketball game line on PC probably must mention the NBA – the monument in the 2K sports games. Speaking of the NBA, any player who loves basketball will know.

Besides, the NBA also updates the real basketball player situation, so that players can choose, change, and control and adjust their tactics each match. From there, making decisions like buying, selling to own a perfect basketball team.

In general, it is not necessary to say too much about the NBA, you do enough to know how good this basketball game is.

Real Basketball

Real Basketball is a popular title for basketball game lovers. In this basketball game, you have up to 6 interesting game policies that allow you to show off your basketball skills. You can also play online with people all over the world and find money to own something in the game.

Real Basketball is a popular title for basketball game lovers

You can also freely choose among hundreds of thousands of different characters, basketball types, uniforms… You can always unlock different achievements to gain access to extras.


In this game, build your team, beat your opponents in 5 vs 5 levels, and connect with the NBA in daily live events. In NBA LIVE, we can upgrade your squad, increase the ranks, and build your team with past and present superstars.

In the game, there are packages purchased with coins to unlock especially important players and take the team to new heights. This is the most realistic basketball game that you should experience.

Jam City Basketball

Jam City Basketball is a mobile game that simulates the basketball sport extremely well. For those who love basketball, this will be a game that you cannot ignore.

The gameplay is completely familiar with reality. Coming to the game, you will have the opportunity to show off your pitching ability by refining and controlling the players, leading your team to participate in the top tournaments in America. An intuitive gameplay system with unique graphics mixed with the cheers of followers will stimulate you to play.