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Top role-playing games for PC (Part 1)

Online PC role-playing game genre has always attracted the majority of young people ever, because players can transform into characters with different personalities and interesting circumstances.

Here we will introduce you top 10 hottest online PC role-playing games today! The list include many blockbuster throughout the decade. Let’s check out!

Fallout series

Fallout is a game that has been known for playing this role-playing game series. Context in the game belongs to the world situation is facing nuclear war, pushing people to go underground to live, thereby building a new empire. What the world then depends on your creative ability.

Assassin’s Creed series

Assassin’s’s Creed is loved by many viewers because of its engaging and unique storyline. That is why players are required to play through all the previous versions to understand and see the beauty of the game. In the game there will be characters that through the next few parts you meet again, they play a very important role to help the plot more dramatic.

Along with that is the place to hide secret weapons, high value treasures that the underground forces must fight intensely to compete. Certainly, this game will bring excitement to curious gamers with thrilling storylines and complex but extremely interesting challenges.

Dark Soul series

The game soon attracted a significant number of players because of its difficulty. An impressive point in the game can not help but mention the bosses are extremely weird and unpredictable, not only that they are very buffalo and tough. But the harder it is, the more gamers excited, wanting to conquer the most difficult tasks.

In addition to avoiding boredom, the new version of Dark Souls III will bring bosses with a cooler appearance than before but still not missing the inherent features of the game.

PC Games

Top 5 hottest role-playing games for PC in 2020 (Part 1)

PC online role-playing game series (RPG) is a type of adventure game that allows players to transform into a special character. It is no coincidence that while other games are struggling to make a name for gamers, role-playing games just need a new title to be expected by millions.

There are legendary role-playing online games that anyone who spent hours in front of a PC screen used to live every hour and minute with that character. So let’s make a list of the best online PC role-playing games 2020 for you to refer to, if you haven’t played, you should whip right away. Note, these games are not instant noodles first half 6 months or half a year closed once but the top famous games in the world, highly appreciated by the community.

The Witcher

Before the information of the role-playing game series for this cult PC will be made into a movie, it makes gamers from old to young want to find The Witcher to try once living in that magical magical world. It is no coincidence that The Witcher is rated as one of the best online games for PC by gamers around the world.

Joining the world of The Witcher, players will be immersed in the role of the assassin Geralt on the road to perform the assigned tasks.

In addition to the fascinating storyline, top-notch gameplay, The Witcher also doesn’t lack hot scenes of the protagonist and hot beauties from humans to monsters and witches. This is one of the factors that made The Witcher a name that has never cooled down in the role playing community. Each time going back and releasing a new title is Geralt and his stories once make a legend in the hearts of fans.

Assassin’s’s Creed

Referring to the role-playing game, the storyline and creating the main character is one of the most important factors. And Assassin’s Creed is one of the top names on this criterion when placed on the scale among hundreds of names released each year.

For young superficial gamers, Assassin’s Creed will not be the perfect suggestion. To truly understand and immerse yourself in this adventure, players will have to start from the first version and familiarize themselves with the treasures and weapons that the forces are competing for.

Complex plot, very difficult gameplay, challenges always create curiosity and surprises exactly the kind of shadow assassin, Assassin’s Creed will bring you the experience of remembering life 1 no 2.