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Explore the best PC strategy games in the world in history

PC games have the longest history, solid foundations, and diverse genres. So you cannot miss the list of the best PC strategy games in the world in history that the best online games want to introduce right below.

The PC system in the past is still praised as the master-race because it has the largest number of game genres in any system – but the biggest highlight of the PC system is probably in the genre. A strategy game that few systems have. Let’s go to these best PC games.

Sid Meier’s Civilization

Sid Meier’s Civilization is a legendary strategy game series and has become an example for many other titles to follow. Civilization V is the best version of the franchise – and not only is the game very deep and highly transformative, but it’s also beginner-friendly.

Age of Empires II

Even the kings of the RTS genre like Starcraft 2 and Deserts of Kharak still cannot reach perfection considering the elements of exploitation, construction, and development like Age of Kings.

The size of the map, the number of troops, and the directions of development all belong to a different class. It’s a pity if you haven’t played this best online game right now.

Crusader Kings II

While most other strategy games revolved around the management of resources and make war, entitled gaming world’s best Crusader Kings II is about much more than that. The player can also interfere with deeper factors such as marriage, relationships, assassination…

Endless Legend

Endless Legend has many similarities with Civilization – however, the game itself still has fresh ideas to create its own identity. The highlight of the game lies in the interface and story-heavy novel with a cast of characters full of personality.

Company of Heroes

For many, the RTS genre has been dead since 2006 – when Company of Heroes was born. It has created such a perfect formula that any RTS game that follows will look fuzzy. The game replaced the old house-building mouse-click gameplay with tactical intentions – focusing more on manipulating the battlefield instead of measuring APM accuracy and speed.

Total War Shogun 2

Field Total War has always been the pillar of strength of the platform strategy game on PC. Shogun 2 is the most condensed and interesting version of Total War, comes with the extravagant Fall of the Samurai expansion and cool graphics despite 2016 standards.


Above are of the best PC strategy games in the world in history. If you are a fan of this genre of game, try these great game titles on your PC!