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Overview of amazing Grand Theft Auto V game

Grand Theft Auto V is a monumental action role-playing game released by Rockstar in 2015. After the release of the game, it broke a series of world game world records.

The game is part of the main story line of the Grand Theft Auto series. The game has a fictional storyline, a simulation of Southern California, a story about three criminals and their attempt to launch attacks in the underworld against the government and other forces. The game is designed in the style of an open world that allows players to freely travel everywhere, rural areas, forests, deserts and fictional city of Los Santos, simulating the city of Los Angeles in real life.

Released in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360, and 2014 on PS4 and Xbox One, and finally 2015 on PC. Grand Theft Auto V has once again affirmed the ‘top of the class’ level of Rockstar Games with revenue of up to 800 million USD within 24 hours after the game was released. Grand Theft Auto V is currently the best-selling game in game history.

The game supports playing in first-person view (FPS – First Person Shooter) and third (TPS – Third Person Shooter), moving in the world by navigating feet to walk or transport. The player controls three main characters throughout the game and can switch controls back and forth between the characters outside or in the quest (some segments of the mission force the player to control a certain character or having to convert to another character).

The story mainly revolves around the work of criminals such as robbery, fighting, involving shooting and driving. The police system in the game will always try to control the player when committing a certain level of crimes by imprisoning or killing, the higher the number of wanted stars (maximum of five stars)

The level of police danger for the character is increasing, similar to the previous Grand Theft Auto sections. Grand Theft Auto is a multiplayer live game mode that allows up to 30 players to explore the world together, on missions, participate in games such as fighting, racing, etc.

This is one of the best role-playing games so far that you should try playing on your PC.

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What’s New on PUBG PC? (part 1)

PUBG developer leaks Team Deathmatch mode combining PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite versions. In addition, the Karakin map has been updated recently with a higher loot rate. With this change, PUBG Corp is making this map more bloody than previous battles.

PUBG developers have been conservative over the years of development. While PUBG Mobile is trying to bring many new game modes such as Zombie Mode, Team Deathmatch Mode, Rage Gear Mode, Load Mode, etc. PUBG seems to completely ignore this whole game mode and only focus on the Battle Royale mode itself. Players can still play with many different Game Modes in Custom Match but custom has no selective system, making finding games for players quite inconvenient.

However, maybe PUBG Dev has changed its mind about the new game modes and someone has revealed a panel that may be available in the future, including Team Deathmatch Mode.

There will be some minor differences, players will have a system to choose weapons and accessories instead of having to go to pick as 2 versions Mobile and Lite. Players will revive at a random location with their teammates. In addition, players in TDM mode will have an HP gauge, it will automatically recover when you are not shot and kill enemies. Your TDM score will be increased. This TDM mode will have 2 teams and have 8 players in 1 team.

PUBG Corp has increased the rate of gun appearances on the Karakin map to make players more aggressive when fighting. Don’t forget the Karakin map is the smallest map in PUBG with a size of 2×2. Therefore, battles will occur very soon. Many players commented that they didn’t even have time to react to the shot after parachuting.

Moreover, many players have sent feedback to the development team that the gun occurrence rate is very low. They could not find weapons as well as ammunition and equipment when taking down parachutes.


Epic Games Store Makes PC Game Sales Decline

According to NPD analyst Mat Piscatell, the launch of Epic Games Store will affect sales of PC game distribution platforms including Steam.

Many people think that competition will create a healthy consumption market. However, according to Mat Piscatella, although distribution platforms such as Steam and Epic Games Store are trying to attract gamers to their side with attractive promotions. This is quite good because when the two big companies compete with each other, the beneficiaries will still be gamers. However, according to the recent reports that NPD received, these two big guys did only make gamers leave.

According to the information that the reports sent to NPD and ESA, in 2019 all software industry has revenue increased by 2%. Nevertheless, the game sales segment showed signs of decrease compared to the previous year.

Why is that? That’s largely because the PC game market is experiencing an underground wave called Epic Game Store. PC is a stable market, increasing steadily every year under the guidance and unification of Steam. Although in the past there were many other game distributors like Uplay, GOG or Origin. However, there is no place that feels as user-friendly as the Steam system, even for game developers, the marketing of Steam makes them very satisfied.

Epic’s appearance with the profit-sharing policy is extremely beneficial for developers and distributors if they will release an exclusive game on Epic that changes all that. Perhaps Epic Games thinks this will create a healthy competitive market by breaking Steam’s unique position in the PC gaming market. From there, the two companies under competitive pressure will develop together to better serve the gamers.

It doesn’t seem like everything Epic Games Store has calculated. Instead of breaking the monopoly of Steam to create a competitive market, Epic broke the stability of the PC gaming market. This led many gamers instead of buying games on PCs to switch to buying games on consoles, which made the game industry’s revenue drop significantly. The reason behind this is because Epic has monopolized quite a few blockbuster games on PC like: Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus, The Outer Worlds, etc. Actually, buying these games on Epic is not difficult, but world gamers feel dislike that they have to switch between two or three programs to play only one game (Steam and Epic). It is not to mention the wave of boycott of Epic is still very exciting in the PC gaming community.

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Top 2020 Best Offline PC Games with Low Profile

You do not have the conditions to own a PC set of crisis to fight the current top games like R2D or Gta 5? Which games should be suitable for your low profile office PC?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Gta 5 is the version for users many interesting experiences from excellent gameplay to graphics. But the plot of that version is still incomparable with the version that was released in 2004.

GTA San‘s graphics, compared to the time of launch, are also among the best in the game world. But after more than 15 years, the configuration above is not an obstacle for most gamers. This is always the top offline game for low profile PC. If you are an early gamer and still don’t understand the story, this is a good time for you.

Half Life 2
This is a name that is probably not too strange with the gaming community. This game was developed by Valve Corporation and released in 2004. This first-person game at the beginning was somewhat difficult due to countless fuss in licensing.

But after all, HL2 has grown to become the king and the foundation for countless shooting games later. Like GTA San, this is also a good offline game for low-profile PCs with not too high configuration requirements compared to the majority of PCs today.

Don’t Starve
This best indie game in 2013 has become an indispensable game for enthusiasts to survive. Released in a mysterious land and without any instructions. Don’t Starve makes you feel free to explore. With extremely vivid 2D graphics and countless challenges enough to fascinate the most demanding gamers. If you are passionate about survival games, do not ignore Don’t Starve!

Wake up and are floating at sea with a hook and a piece of raft starting. Your task is to find a way to survive and build with rubbish that is drifted across the sea. In addition to expanding rafts, processing food, making furniture for survival, Raft still has a separate story for players to explore. So what’s the truth behind the story of the main character? Why is he alone? Discover the game on your own to get the most accurate solution.

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Top Best Marvel – DC PC Games

Although not a blockbuster game, but for fans, these Marvel-DC titles are still very interesting.

Injustice 2 Mobile

As a adapted game from the blockbuster Injustice 2 on the Console / PC system, Injustice 2 Mobile always has a worthy position in this list. The game possesses beautiful graphics, diverse characters, extremely detailed design. A pretty good point of this fighting game is to maintain the beautiful ultimate system like the original version. If you are a DC fan, you should experience this game.

Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes and Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham

You may not know, Lego Marvel Super Heroes was originally released by Warner Bros. Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes and Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham are the duo of games like that.

Like Marvel Lego, Batman Lego has beautiful, simple, and cute graphics. However, the Batman Lego story mode is a bit harder than Marvel Lego, requiring players to apply better observation and choose the more appropriate character to solve the puzzle, through the screen. These are also not free games, when both are similar to Marvel Leo.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

If you are tired of heavy, heavy graphics without entertainment, Lego is always a good choice. Lego Marvel Super Heroes owns graphics, extremely cute design, easy and simple gameplay. However, you will have to use your ability to observe to be able to cross the screen.

The Dark Knight Rises

Still a great game from Gameloft, The Dark Knight Rises can be considered as a mobile version of Batman Arkham games. The Dark Knight Rises possesses many advantages such as extreme graphics, detailed design characters, diverse gameplay and extremely hands-on combo system.

According to many reviews, this game is even better than 2 games The Amazing Spider-Man, although the same manufacturer and the same genre. Perhaps, is this the proof of Batman’s coolness, peaks, and timelessness?