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Looking back at top 5 best PES game versions on PC up to now (Part 2)

3. PES 13

After the successful version of PES 11, PES 12 marked the slowdown of the soccer game from Konami. Not many changes, not many improvements make PES 12 become lagging behind itself before looking at Fifa 12 – one of the versions considered to revolutionize EA’s football game line.

When FIFA went windy both in graphics and gameplay, PES 12 failed to fulfill its mission. Until the PES version 13, the PES version is still considered “immortal” on the PS3 system when PES 17 launched last year, there are still many gamers who have volunteered to be loyal to PES 13 on PS3.

But that’s enough to justify the appeal of this version. Improved graphics, more realistic gameplay, more magical and beautiful ways to play the ball, hit the slot, and score goals make gamers “tired” with PES 13.

Until now, there are Many patches created by players for PES 13 with updates of stats, graphics, gameplay proving the vitality of this game even though it has been released for nearly 5 years.

2. PES 16

PES 14 is a missed leap, even a painful fall. A series of gamers removed PES 14 mercilessly after only a few days of experience.

The failure of PES 14 is undeniable, leading to serious consequences for Konami as it took the operator 2 years to rebuild confidence in the game.

The version PES 15’s momentum did not attract much attention before officially returning to PES 16, the product once again brought Konami back to the top, beating FIFA 16 to become the most attractive football game of the year.  

PES 16 gives gamers a comprehensive improved gameplay with a beautiful graphics platform, especially on the Console Next-gen platform. There are not too many “multifaceted variations” in this version, all features are very real, making players really feel excited about the soccer game from Konami.