PC Sports Games

Players are hardly disappointed with these attractive sports games

Here are the sports games that we highly recommend you to play on PC. Let’s check them out in the article below!

Desert Golfing

Developer: Captain Games

Release date: December 2017

Minimalist golf game Desert Golfing has achieved great success on mobile and has just launched on Steam. This is a seemingly simple game, but it is not easy at all, creating extremely tough gameplay with only a few basic geometric components.

More specifically, it’s impossible to return, so every wasted hit stays there forever. Previously, this game was only available on the Windows Store.


Developer: Jan Willem Nijman

Release Date: November 2012

Initially, this was a bonus game for those who supported the SportsFriends game project on Kickstarter. Tennes is a simple tennis game with flexible rules. For example, the game does not prohibit you from jumping over the net and playing on the opponent’s field. If you like SportsFriends, you’ll love Tennes.

Rocket League

Developer: Psyonix

Release date: July 2015

How to play Rocket League is also simple like football, but the player is replaced by rocket cars. The special thing about the game is the strange physics system the ball moves slowly as if it is spinning slowly, causing many humorous and inhibiting situations for the player.


Developer: De Gute Fabrik

Release date: December 2014

SportsFriends is a set of offline multiplayer games with a sports theme

SportsFriends is a set of offline multiplayer games with a sports theme. Hokra is a minimalistic and fast-paced ice hockey game, BariBariBall combines Super Smash Bros with volleyball, Super Pole Riders is a weird pole jump game. One thing they all have in common is that they are both extremely fun to play with a group of friends.

Bloodbowl 2

Developer: Cyanide Release

Release Date: September 2015

The board game Blood Bowl is a game from a long time ago, but still, in existence today proves it has a mysterious charm. It is one of the most both inhibitory and entertaining games.

Everything requires you to shake the dice, which means sometimes players will die distractedly just because they… run too fast. The video version of Blood Bowl does quite well, but the specialty of this game still lies in its famous unique rules.


Above are the great games that sports game lovers should try at least once. Have fun!