Game history

The most interesting facts in gaming history that not everyone knows (Part 2)

Mario wouldn’t have made his debut without a surprise event

As we all know, Donkey Kong was originally Mario’s game, as well as helping to bring the plumber to the world. But this name wouldn’t have appeared, had it not been for an unexpected incident. If Popeye was allowed to come out earlier, we wouldn’t have Super Mario.

At that time, the Nintendo production team received an order from the company’s chairman Hiroshi Yamauchi, to increase sales as quickly as possible. At that time, Shigeru Miyamoto chose a game related to Popeye.

But just before the release, Nintendo suddenly cut the license to use the image of this character. Shigeru Miyamoto quickly came up with a solution, replacing Popeye with a different character, and that’s when the plumber. Mario was born as Jumpman.

Donkey Kong then took the place of the fat guy Bluto while Olive Oyl became Pauline. Although Shigeru Miyamoto later released a game about Popeye, it was considered a disaster from the perspective of many experts.

Throughout its history of development, the world gaming industry has witnessed many interesting, thrilling and equally fascinating phenomena.

Mario has more jobs than just a plumber

For many years, Mario has been remembered as a professional plumber. But then, that changed in 2017. In a few posts on Nintendo’s website, it was revealed that Mario’s dirty sewer days are behind, and now this guy There are many opportunities to experience completely different jobs.

Forget the plumber, now Mario is a freelancer

Shigeru Miyamoto in a statement to USA Today revealed that Mario’s job was never fixed. In Mario Boss, he and Luigi are plumber because the setting is set underground. But in Donkey Kong, in a construction site, he is a carpenter. In Mario vs Donkey Kong, our protagonist is making toys, or even a chef in Yoshi’s Cookie and referee at Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.