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Top PS3 games that still attract gamers nowadays (Part 2)

Red Dead Redemption

If you’ve never played this classic Rockstar game, then it’s a pity. This is the game with an absolute score in the eyes of many experts, the rest also gives it an absolute score.

You can see so many beautiful scenes in Red Dead Redemption. Environment and graphics are both highlights and detailed designs in the game. Even if you want to, you can scare a flock of birds from the bushes as they fly past.

Even the weather and environmental sounds are carefully polished by the developer, bringing a very rich experience to the player. From gunfire to thunderstorms that make the whole meadow vibrate, all are carefully cared for, bringing every detail of the sound to create a vivid world in Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption is a big open-world sandbox game, and the story deserves an absolute 10 points. The game is all that players expect from a vast western adventure. Can only use two great words. The scenes in Red Dead Redemption are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but the transitions also greatly improve compared to Grand Theft Auto IV.


This heavy-duty action game is rated as an “epic masterpiece” What the movie “Godfather” before. This is also the game that received the highest rating and score ever in video game history.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a combination of dramatic chase racing, 3rd-person shooter and chaotic looting missions at Liberty City. The story in Grand Theft Auto 4 revolves around a big question. What does the American Dream mean?

For someone who is fleeing the past like Niko Bellic, he just wants to keep the past dirty to make life in a big city. But his cousin, Roman, thought otherwise. He went to Liberty City in search of fortune and to change his life. With two different ideals of living, Niko and Roman accidentally get in trouble hard to solve in this crime city!

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Special action intertwining thrilling plot. Overall in terms of gameplay, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is not much different from the beginning, when the game still brings the gun screen, the puzzle to the “Hollywood-style” stages, which helped the version. Original received dozens of prestigious awards, with sky-high appreciation, even surpassing even a famous “junior” from Naughty Dog is The Last Of Us.